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Customized career development and coaching services to help you go from stuck to unstuck to soaring to do what you love!

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About Athena Consultants

Athena Consultants provides customized career coaching and branding services to clients around the globe. We understand the emotional stress and anxiety that comes with making employment, career, and educational decisions. We enjoy helping individuals, graduates, families, and companies navigate those exciting (yet nerve wrecking) decisions with confidence. We’re here to educate, solve problems, and encourage you to achieve your life’s purpose. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or stressful experience and you don’t have to go at it alone. We’re here for you! Let’s tackle life together.

The #AthenaApproach

Our client relationships are what we like to call “co-creative”, meaning we both engage and play an active role in your success journey. We utilize effective communication skills to help you determine the desired outcome and map out the steps to reach your career and life goals.

The #AthenaApproach makes it possible for you to:

Identify and secure
your dream role

Navigate a career

Advance in your
current career field

Through accountability, encouragement, and actionable steps, our coaching empowers you to achieve major wins. With a variety of coaching services from which to choose, it’s easy to find a solution that’s just right for you.

Our Values


You, as you are right now, are accepted - it's that simple.


The results we deliver will reflect the trust you've shown in us.


We lead deeply, with heart, in our community - providing leadership, support, and keeping a pulse on best practices and industry trends.


We craft the content of your work experience through words for compelling documents, and coach collaboratively, to provide you with impactful and results-driven services.

Meet Your Coach

I’m Tara and I help people land jobs they love and support these efforts as a certified life coach. You can consider me a female Dr. Phil if you will (minus the yelling, of course). For the past 20 years, I’ve been lucky enough to spend each day guiding people like you through times of transition. From being an admissions counselor to technical recruiter, financial services director and even an account manager at one of those fancy banks — my greatest strength is in helping people make employment, career, and educational decisions with confidence — and I’d love to do the same for you! I earned my MBA from Queens University of Charlotte and my BA in Business Administration from Belmont Abbey College. My work and results have been featured in the New York Times, US News & World Report, Forbes and several other major media outlets that make for some pretty cool news clippings.

On the “life” side of work life balance,  I have two high school daughters (playing sports at two different high schools), earned my  black belt in Tae Kwon Do at 40, and I have been married for 20+ years. I love reading all things self-help and psychology/neuroscience, and finding sanity at the ocean and in working out. I am deeply woven into my community, serving on boards that support education, small business, and inclusion. I love a challenge, thinking of creative solutions, and collaborating, so bring it on! Let’s brainstorm, develop a strategic action plan, and find life-changing solutions to start living your purpose.

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Coaching Services

The flexibility of our one-on-one Coaching Sessions allows us to tackle and overcome any challenge, twist, or turn!


25 Minutes


50 Minutes



(Package of 4)

For customized services, please schedule a consultation to discuss your Executive and Leadership Coaching, DISC Training and Corporate Workshops, Presentations, and LinkedIn Branding needs.

Career Services


Create a New Resume or CV

We take an individualized approach with each client, whether you are a recent college graduate or a C-level executive. Accomplishments are quantified, keywords listed are industry related, and information is formatted in a clean and organized fashion. Most experts estimate a resume is considered for 10 seconds. A great resume can’t guarantee you a job, but it is certainly an important item in the process. We will evaluate the best layout — chronological, functional, or combination — and apply it to highlight your industry skills and relevant experiences.


Revise Your Resume or CV

Perhaps you don’t need an entire overhaul on your resume, but it’s been several years since you created one… A great deal has changed in the hiring world. A resume “facelift” includes the following components: Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Word Usage, Verb Tense, Format, Layout, and Key Components. A Resume Revision is also a great idea for career changes, re-entering the workforce, or tackling the job search process after lengthy employment.

  • For resume creation or revision services, click here to complete our resume information form.
  • Formatting: Once a resume or cover letter draft is sent and approved, final versions will be provided in Word and pdf format.
  • Special Pricing: Special pricing is available for undergraduate and graduate students as well as military personnel.


Create or Revise Your Cover Letter

Does everyone read a cover letter? They sure don’t; however, you don’t know which hiring managers do, so we advise including one when sending your resume. We ensure the cover letter is targeted to the position to which you are applying, is eye-catching, and is never more than one page!



Create Your Resume/CV and Cover Letter


Revise your Resume/CV and Cover Letter


Create Your ​Job Search Action Plan


Optimize Your LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn necessary? For both job seekers and business owners, yes. It makes networking much less painful, is a great resource, and increases your visibility. For LinkedIn optimization, we’ll have it optimized for their SEO and clearly highlight your accomplishments and skills.


Audit your LinkedIn or Resume

We’ll take the current version of your document, make suggestions through a 14-point checklist, and send back as a Word document with detailed information for you to optimize your resume or profile.


​LinkedIn, Resume and Cover Letter Package


Revise Your Student Resume


90-Minute Mock Interview

A Zoom session where we tackle ALL of the painful things, from the psychology of the interview, “Tell me about yourself”, and situational questions. The 90 minute session includes a 60-minute mock interview, and 30 minutes of feedback or a write up so you have the tools to crush your upcoming interview.


Additional Edits


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire a Coach?

Consider enlisting the assistance of a coach if you are feeling “stuck,” if you know there is more out there but are unclear about the next best steps. Coaching can:

  • Help you enhance your life through action.
  • Serve as a support system as you strive to achieve a specific outcome.
  • Uncover your own wisdom and map out solutions.
Is Coaching Therapy?

No, we are not therapists.

Therapists are experts in medical and behavioral sciences and are trained to treat diagnosable conditions. Coaching can be a wonderful compliment to therapy, but we are NOT trained as therapists.

Is Coaching Consulting?

We offer both Coaching and Consulting services. Very often we will discuss both during a Sample Coaching session. Consulting services involve specific advice about how to solve a problem, whereas coaching is a co-creative relationship supporting clients as they achieve their outcome.


We do not accept all clients. Since ours is a co-creative relationship, we want to ensure we are the right fit for you, and that means making sure we are setting you up for success.  That is why we offer a FREE 25-minute Sample session. 


Do inquire about your potential coach’s training as coaches come from all different backgrounds. You want someone with deep training, professional industry expertise, and who remains abreast of trends and best practices.

There are some wonderful, extensive training programs available but not every coach has achieved this mark. Tara Good fellow completed a 22-week program through Coach Training Alliance and has earned both Coach Training Alliance’s Life Coach Certification and DiSC Certification. She also is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the National Resume Writer’s Association.